Sunday, April 19, 2020

EP 003 Nerf Footballs, Casio F-10, More Simpsons Trivia

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor. That is what I learned in Sunday school as a young lad. Did anyone understand what that meant? I can safely say I did not. I coveted David Hansen's LED Watch, both David and his brother Mike had one, and they were so damn cool! It was sci-fi level cool, something from the future, and it was on their wrist, talk about miniaturization. I coveted my neighbor in a big way, and Mrs. Philips would not have been happy with me, but hey, at least I can admit it today. I was a year away from getting my hands on my first digital watch, and it would be an LCD, which is better for a variety of reasons, and that style became ubiquitous among nerd watch lovers. It was the Casio F-10, an essential timepiece that Casio has reintroduced with a different module for modern retro types; the main difference is the display.

The F-10 day of the week indicator displayed on the watch case, and there was a small horizontal line that floated below the correct day. If you have that watch today, the perpetual calculator is defunct; it was only good until 2019. The new model F-91W a beautiful rendition, and at about $11.99US, you can't go wrong. The subtle difference is that the current version has the day of the week printed on the LCD in a two-digit Casio block font, and the day of the month displays along with the hours minutes and seconds. One last comment on the new retro version is that it keeps the microlight intact, which is cool. That little microlight was your companion after bedtime when lights were out; one could enjoy watching the seconds tick by under the covers as the sandman took over.

 Mrs. Gilcrhrest didn't like me for some still unknown reason. A 4th-grade teacher is a human being; today, I grasp that idea at least at some level. As a 4th grade student, the teacher was more alien, and possibly dare I say evil? Mrs. Gilchrest may have been angry because she had her gallbladder removed and may not have had proper paid sick leave at the time those details, if ever known, are lost to time. It must have been sweet for a substitute teacher to land a long term assignment. I bet she was too busy running around the substitute pool with a smug look and confidence of a steady paycheck that would carry her through a long Utah winter to focus on discipline or education of her substitute class, again, the only speculation. Let's get to the meat of the issue when Mrs. Gilchrest came back and immediately began to show her disdain for whatever had or had not transpired she assigned a craft project. We could choose to do something with needle point on burlap, or latch hook piece that we would bring to school and work on from time to time. I decided the latch hook assignment but didn't follow directions very well and ridiculed by Mrs. Gilchrest, ok fine, so I deserved it, but still! I hope Mrs. Gilchrest is still alive and kicking and retired with that sweet teacher pension.

 Can you imaging sitting in your kitchen, and some guy knocks on your window and asks for your input on a toy? A knock on a window was indeed what happened to footballer Fred Cox in 1972, and the rest, as they say, is history! The Nerf Football was born, and if you were a kid in the 1970s until today, you are familiar with the Nerf Football. That was such a quintessential piece of day to day life at Pioneer Elementary that the challenge was deciding whose football would be the game ball for the recess game. Every boy brought their football to school, mine was solid yellow, and Mrs. Philips I regret to inform you that I coveted Tom's Yellow and Black Nerf Football. I am unsure of my place in the universe, but my covetous nature will be to blame for any karma or other destiny that awaits.

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