Wednesday, April 8, 2020

EP 002 Why are we here? oh and Stompers! (NO TikTok for me)

The evolution of an idea to the final concept is paved with tears and anxiety. The road to Frequency 13 is no different. Last year when I started the Frequency 13 podcast, it was purely paranormal or other oddities from the West with my personal fictional spin. They were heavily scripted and highly produced. I realized that I might enjoy a listen to different paranormal podcasts, and was a huge Art Bell fan back in the day, I simply was not cut out to talk about those subjects. I find them entertaining, but one must attempt to share a "what if" kind of attitude to make it work. I think too rationally for that type of thing. What I really like is nostalgia, from the good old days as it were. I have a natural penchant for history, particularly social history and stories of individuals, normal humans that existed at different times. I don't care as much about Caesar as I do about the shop keep that sold the grain to his baker. There is a Great Course titled The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World By Robert Garland. Professor Garland goes into the lives of the ordinary people of the period, and the way life was for them. That book spoke to me because that is what I find interesting. When I think back the toys, cars, music, clothe,s and all the rest of the things that surrounded us is what delineates our time in the high human timeline, and I can't wait to share it with you!

Remember Stompers? Stompers by Schaeper? They were little 4x4 trucks that ran on a single AA battery. The commercials played during Saturday morning cartoons, and after school of course. They didn't steer and had only one speed. They did have a headlight, which was sometimes disconnected to eliminate parasitic voltage draw that would decrease horsepower, at the time, it was to "make it fast." The commercial was great because they actually showed you how to play with the toy. How to make a tunnel with a carpet remnant, and wouldn't ya know it I had some carpet remnants (read scrap from the next-door church remodel) available. The tires were absolutely knarly baby. I mean real shredders, and they were available in soft foam for extra grip and hard rubber for speed! They made you want to run them in the snow, but one had to be hyper careful as to not short circuit the little electric motor, and yes, Jeff was dumb enough to do it so I know first hand what slush can do to a Stomper. 

I am as savvy as the next Gen-Xer when it comes to social media, I mean we invented it with dial-in BBS sites from our 300baud modems! I digress, the original social media was much more rudimentary and painless; of course, it wasn't a bed of roses either. People could be very mean in the social media forums of the day. Of course, we didn't use our real names, we used handles and generally were only exposed to minor trolls who would tell us how stupid we were or fix our grammar. That was always my favorite troll, the grammar police! They have mostly died off, so we have that going for us. Today's sprites don't bother to shield their identity with a smart handle, looking at you Facebook (Reddit a notable exception). All that said, are you familiar with the TikTok platform? It is a new site where people make short little videos to popular music, or whatever. The videos are bite-sized at 50 seconds. This is not a natively wrong site; on the surface, they are a billion-dollar concern, and some people make money on the platform. All good so far, until you read the Ugly Policy! (Take a look below). It is institutional body shaming, not like kids don't have enough to worry about when it comes to a self-image! The idea is that they will get less engagement when a person opens their app and is greeted with less than an idealized human. To the founders of TikTok, take off, eh!

EP 002

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