Wednesday, April 8, 2020

EP 001 Introduction and Did the World End in 2012???

Why are we here?  Why are you here?  Frequency 13 is my love child!  A podcast about stuff that makes me smile, and I have discovered many of those nostalgic themes make others smile as well.  Regardless of our modern thinking, political views, and values, or social standing, our collective origin story has some similarities in the popular culture world we all inhabited during the golden age of television and toys.

We are Generation X. Frankly, we are the forgotten generation.  Our collective angst and apathetic view of the world coupled with a strong sense of cynicism born for the disillusion of the American dream being eroded and putting our mothers to work and our fathers fighting for jobs, incomes flattening, leaving us with little hope for the future.  We were not the darlings that the media loves.  Take a moment to consider our predecessors the Psychotropic Baby Boomers; they came of age during some exciting and yes sheltered times, giving them a sense of importance that drove the 60s counter culture and the free-loving world that born our generation.  We raised the same darlings in the mold of the Baby Boomers, we wanted to give them the things that our self-help parents didn't bother with for us, all of the things we missed out on would be front and center for our progeny.  We don't need to discuss how that turned out!  We are living it baby, good, bad or indifferent our children have made an impression, some call entitled, some call helpless, but they are just a product of their environment.

Our generation was determined to make life easier, computers would lead us out of the darkness, the Internet promised knowledge, and it delivered (maybe too much!)   I could wax on about why we are here, and our place in society.  Alas, our journey to now is written, the future is unknown, and our site in time is perhaps the perfect place to be, quiet and unassuming.  We are the Greatest Generation!!!

This podcast and blog celebrate us as a generation and all the cool shit we have seen, heard, and cared about, and maybe a bit of what society told us.  The simple things not complicated.  The enjoyment of a television show because it was fun, not because it had a "message" or a "philosophy".  We wore clothes that looked cool, we didn't give a damn about the owner's philosophy, seriously when did that crap start?  Let's have some fun, silly putty level fun, go outside and play fun, jumping our bikes fun, and watching Scooby Do on Saturday morning quite fun, so here we go, the journey has begun!

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EP 001

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